Why should I buy a stone resin bathtub or sink?

One of the most typical concerns we get from our customers is what our stone bathroom items are actually constructed from. We are extremely pleased with the high quality of strong stone, if you wish to add top quality bathtubs, clean containers, sinks or even more in your home, this is what you need to know.

What is stone resin?
Solid surface, also known as stone resin, is a solid and non-porous material usually composed of a combination of acrylic resin, bauxite, epoxy, marble dust and pigments.

Our Stone solid surface material is composed of 30% pure acrylic resin (MMA), 65% natural mineral (ATH: Alumina Trihydrate) and 5% color pigment.

Solid surface is used to mimic the appearance of naturally occurring materials such as granite, marble and stone and can be joined almost invisibly by a trained craftsman. This solid surface can then be cast into a variety of shapes, including our signature bathtubs, basins and shower panels.


Why i need to buy a stone resin bathtub or sinks?
Since solid surfaces can be cast into almost any shape, home designers, architects, and homeowners can customize what they want indefinitely. In simple terms, whether your bathroom is large or small, you can customize it to meet your needs. The stone surface is extremely durable, repairable and reproducible, so if it is scratched or damaged after a long period of use, it can be easily repaired. We would love to provide our customers with a quick and easy guide on how to care for a stone bath to help you keep your bathtub or washbasin as clean as new.

Because the solid surface of our products is made of non-porous materials, it is one-piece, which can actually prevent the accumulation of bacteria in the bathroom. As we all know, the bathroom environment is relatively humid, and it is easy to produce various bacteria on the surface of the bathtub or wash basin. These bacteria will make our skin more sensitive and cause various problems. Our solid stone basins can be Gap-to-table connection eliminates backwater and bacterial growth areas.

After our products are polished and sanded, the stone surface will be very smooth and very comfortable to the touch. Provides luxurious surfaces with pleasant touch and beautiful appearance. And because it can be shaped into any style and shape you want, it can also completely match the style of your home, whether your home design is a modern bathroom, a retro bathroom, a luxurious bathroom or a simple bathroom. Can be perfectly matched. And, more importantly, at the same time, it is extremely resistant to most household stains and chemicals, waterproof, stain resistant and chemical resistant.

For those concerned about the ecological footprint, a solid surface is an inert and non-toxic material that does not emit gas under normal circumstances. When the solid surface burns, carbon oxides are mainly released, and the smoke produced does not contain toxic gases. It is a design that is in line with modern environmentalism!


How many sizes are there for our resin stone bathtubs?

We offer 5 different sizes of resin stone bathtubs:

  • size 1 :  55.12 inch*30.71 inch* 22.05 inch
  • size 2 : 59.06 inch*30.71 inch* 22.05 inch
  • size 3 : 62.99 inch*30.71 inch* 22.05 inch
  • size 4 : 66.93 inch*30.71 inch* 22.05 inch
  • size 5 : 70.87 inch*35.43 inch*22.05 inch

You can also customize the size of the bathtub and sink. But please note that we have requirements for customized quantity, please contact the sales staff of our website.

Why should you choose bathtubs from Villa Di Milano?

1. Best quality

We choose the best stone resin formulations to perfectly match the various designs we can currently use for your bathroom, with high-end designs suitable for all styles of houses. Our products combine the natural charm of stone resin with enviable elegance.

2. Low price

Villa Di Milano is not only a global sanitary brand sales wholesale website, we also have our own factory. We have our own production line to provide our own products and customized products. So our price is lower than the price of brand products sold in other stores or websites. We can be proud to say that we can provide the best price to our customers.

3. Villa Di Milano are competent and experienced partners

You are free to choose our own design and we also support O20, we provide customers with O2O and provide large-scale customized products.

We have a lot of experience in providing customized products to our customers, so don’t hesitate to contact us now!

Our company has provided our stone bathtubs and wash basins to five-star hotels in Thailand, five-star hotels in China, ultra-luxury hotels in Dubai, Spanish hotels, American luxury hotels, French hotels, and many other world-leading luxury hotels and AIR-BNB. We provide high quality, low price and good service of our stone bathtubs and stone wash basins attract corporate customers and builders and designers from all over the world. The big projects we work with are all over the world. Our customers are very satisfied with our products. You can find our stone resin bathtubs in Beverly Hills Villas as well as in Manhattan’s high-rise apartments.

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