The Most Expensive Shower

What it the most expensive shower in the world? The answer is: AquaSymphony. AquaSymphony means the excellent experience in relaxation. Signifying an ideal symbiosis of the most up to date HEALTH SPA innovations and electronic developments, AquaSymphony changes the day-to-day shower into an utmost deluxe HEALTH SPA experience. AquaSymphony personifies best leisure by blending one of the most unique as well as by nature motivated synthetic HEALTH FACILITY atmospheres into one all natural shower experience for all senses. Along with its impressive size of 1,016 mm x 762mm the AquaSymphony makes up the perfect interplay of water and cutting-edge technologies that revitalize and also invigorate as well as consequently give new power to mind and body.

To be established into a dreamlike state of being, an AquaCurtain drops subtle beats of water and the LightCurtain of rainbow coloured lights offers comforting chromotherapy with an individualized light show, whilst a range of various nozzles permit water to cascade onto the skin creating remarkable feelings. The Waterfall XL Sprays, some extra-wide water electrical outlets, create the feeling of a waterfall. The Bokoma Sprays, eight dynamically vibrating spray nozzles, deliver the sensation of a stimulating fingertip massage. The Rainfall Spray provides very large as well as soft droplets for a lavish shower feeling. With their cool, great mist, the Drizzle Sprays revitalize the skin. The Pure Sprays provide straight-falling water, washing away anxiety like a clear hill spring. In addition, the Gentle Heavy steam is an optional high-end function for the individual HEALTH FACILITY, conjuring up the relaxing sensation of a detoxifying steam bath for a tranquility and soothing experience. The highly-advanced stereo is an additional clever attribute that blends personal preferred songs with the noise of sprinkling water. The F-digital Deluxe base device box can be gotten in touch with an Apple or Android mobile phone, permitting to make use of the GROHE HEALTH FACILITY Application for excellent control of light, audio and vapor. Thanks to those incredible technological functions one can appreciate the shower with all its brand-new measurements.

For making the individual shower experience in the AquaSymphony much more unique, GROHE exclusively had the world-famous DJ Moguai compose the song “Rain”. After its opening night at the ISH Frankfurt, the song appeared at all relevant songs platforms and streaming services on 13 March 2017.

An unmatched degree of luxurious individualisation

The huge series of functions can be utilized in any kind of mix: With AquaSymphony everybody can turn the shower experience of their dreams into truth. It also brings an extraordinary degree of play of colours. Red as a treasured Ferrari? Pink like a flamingo or Blue like the deepness of the ocean? For the best individualisation, GROHE supplies the option to include one’s preferred colour surface which transforms the AquaSymphony experience right into an ideal harmony of showering. With this ideal, tailor-made residence SPA, there is no demand to go somewhere else for a relaxing SPA experience.

” From our customers we understand that their busy, contemporary way of livings leave them with much less time for conventional wellness as well as wellness deals with like a trip to the MEDSPA. Rather they want to spoil themselves at home”, discusses Michael Seum, Vice President of Style at GROHE. “The ground-breaking layout and also deluxe range of features of the AquaSymphony respond straight to that demand by bringing all the indulgent deluxe of a SPA experience right into their own bathrooms.”

Enriched MEDSPA regimen for individualised water enjoyment

AquaSymphony becomes part of GROHE’s luxury MEDICAL SPA array– a combination of costs HEALTH SPA experiences, German innovation, and also the famous GROHE high quality which lasts a lifetime. It has a product range for all house locations including the award-winning Sensia Arena, the new generation of shower commodes. With specific setups for water temperature, jet strength and cleansing mode that can be conserved as an individual account, Sensia Sector is the ultimate experience for leisure, convenience as well as hygiene.


MEDICAL SPA by GROHE represents the best in-home water experience, turning the bathroom into a psychological retreat for all senses which permits a completely individualised water satisfaction– always appropriate, never ever overdone.

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